The plant life within our parkour area is very diverse, extensive and interesting.

Next to abundant coconut palms you will find numerous other palms, more than 5 different bamboo varieties (even the black bamboo), ancient mango trees, papayas, many colourful flowers and bushes, epiphytes, trees like the starfruit, mahogany, calamansi, moringa and many, many more.


The Philippines are known for their incredible marine world, and especially here in Moalboal.

But also the animal life in and around our camp ground have nothing to be ashamed off. We many different bird varieties that visit us on a daily basis, anything from striking king fishers, colourful fiches right through to the bigger coucals.

Many varieties of lizards and geckos make their home in the parkour area. We have even spotted a monitor lizard longer than a meter.