The instinctive archery is the most severe and highest archery discipline and it is as old as humanity itself. The instinctive archery was mainly used for hunting, which revives shooting again with the 3-D today.

As Instinctive archery is called archery, in which without a visor and without additional aids such as the sighting of the target will be shot over the arrowhead. When instinctive archery all the concentration is placed on the target.

For this purpose you look closely at the point you want to meet, pulls out and shoots. Just as I can throw a dart on a dartboard with or throw a snowball in a certain direction, so I can work with my bow and an arrow points to the target and shoot, which I want to meet.

The eye coordination, subconscious and bow hand complement each other and perform various tasks are called Instinctive archery as just the instinct (the subconscious) executes this shot, and not a conscious goal process.

The instinctive archery must be constantly and intensively are trained, and takes wesendlich more time than, for example the shit with a visor.

Archery should especially make one thing: namely fun! Shooting fun and enjoy nature.

Ultimately it is each himself left on the way in which he sees or aims. Whether Instinctively / Intuitive, on the arrowhead, String walking, Gap shoting, split vision, or with the visor, a ...

It should be noted, however, always been that it's fun, and the others can do what he wants to do , :)