ARCHERY ASIA in Sipalay City

Instinctive Archery – Or the art of having fun with us on our 3D-course!

It will all begin just next to the target range with choosing your recurve bow, your carbon arrows, your quiver and the protection gear for your safety.
You will then be given a thoroughly introduction in archery in order for you to get used to the equipment and to gain accuracy.

And off you go onto the 987m long course through the jungle. You will have the opportunity to try your talent on 22 different targets (most 3D targets), from the big competition butt to the smallest, well hidden straw rabbit. It will take you roughly one and a half hour for the whole experience. There is a small creek flowing through the course with little bridges to cross. You will find nipa huts to rest. On two occasions refreshments are provided for you to choose from and all in all you will walk along a height difference of about 54m.

Become the next Sipalay Easy diving Robin Hood.

A big blast and the perfect add on to the beach and diving lifestyle.


Sipalay and Moalboal, including our Bogenparcours, are connected by a unique Safari-Route .

The course in Sipalay is open daily from 8: 00- 17:30 clock open!